James Clifford (1936-1987)

Acupuncture: Reproduction of Thorburn Bird Paintings, 1975-1980

oil on board, signed and titled verso ‘James Clifford, Acupuncture: Reproduction of Thorburn Bird Paintings’

Sexy Tattoo.
Writer Patrick White was inspired by painting. His eagle eye often fell on artists who stood outside the official culture, including Ian Fairweather and James Clifford. He gifted me ACUPUNCTURE. It’s flawlessly rendered in enamel, no visible brushstrokes. This erotically charged homage to sun, sea, sky, flesh, tattoos – and an obscure Scottish ornithologist! – conjures up novels by Mishima and movies by Fassbinder.
– Jim Sharman (2023)

98.5 x 74 cm
Watters Gallery, Sydney, Collection of Jim Sharman, Sydney
  • EStimate $1,000 - $2,000
  • sold $2,086 Incl BP
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