Two Scottish Provincial Spoons

the first a Dundee dessert spoon with fiddle pattern, crested with a stag below the motto, ‘watch well’, possibly for Halliburton of Scotland, Robert Cameron, Dundee c. 1825, with mark, ‘Cam/eron, C, Thistle, Pot of Lillies, and Dun/dee’ and the other an Aberdeen tea spoon with fiddle pattern, engraved B. John Erskine, Aberdeen c. 1810 (2)


with reference to the Dundee Dessert Spoon; interestingly, Robert Cameron had been apprenticed to Robert Keay the elder of Perth. The mark on this spoon is the same as is reproduced on page 27 of ” Dundee Silver 1750 – 1850″ by Dr William Guthrie.

with reference to the Aberdeen Tea Spoon; for more information about Erskin and his marks see page 44 “Aberdeen Silver a collectors guide” by M.J. Wilson

Dundee dessert spoon weight 40 grams
refer to vendor notes 22, Estate of the late Dr Dominic Louis Serventy
  • EStimate $150 - $250
  • sold $264 Incl BP
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