Yaka Kholuka Mask

Democratic Republic of the Congo

painted wood, feather, fibre, the polychrome human face surrounded by raffia, the high-rising cap surmounted by a male figure holding a gun, and topped with feathers

height 95 cm
The Estate of Ray Hughes
Makunda is an initiation ceremony used to transition male children into manhood. Following the completion of initiation rites, the young men are led out of seclusion and back into the community. Yaka masks are worn during public festivities, including a great village feast, to welcome the initiates back to the community. The Kholuka mask is worn by the camp leader and signal the end of the day's ceremonies. Adenike Cosgrove
Cf. for comparison Arthur P. Bourgeois, Art of the Yaka and Suku, Paris 1984, p. 185
  • EStimate $4,000 - $6,000
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